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The free steak stopped, but the name stuck

After hours of gruelling deliberation, the jury has come to a verdict. The winner of the “Name a character” competition is: Rocco “The Beef Fairy” Melucci! Out of all the finalists, this was the goon that truly stood out and got our creativity going.

In better more lawful times, Rocco was an apprentice butcher with a passion for steak. For every fillet he cut, he took a cut for himself. It wasn’t long before his friends started calling him the “Beef Fairy” for his ability to get the best cuts for any event any time. His connections weren’t lost on the local criminal community who often turned to him for his services.  Eventually, the butcher and the law caught up with Rocco, and he was jailed for 5 to 10.  While the free steak stopped, the name stuck. Several fights and two prison murders later, Rocco was eventually sent to Sing Sing to serve out his term and then some. He is currently out on parole.

Congratulations to the winner for getting their entry into the game! If you haven’t seen the other nine finalists yet, read about them here: