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The 10 finalists in the “Name a character in Empire of Sin” competition have been chosen!

The Romero’s Rye “Name a character in Empire of Sin” competition is now over, and it is time for the jury to decide on a winner!

We received many fantastic name suggestions (nearly 1700 of them) and after careful consideration the jury has narrowed the selection down to a total of 10 finalists.

  • Bruno “The Butcher” Fatulli

  • Thomas “Tommy Pipes” Pipparello

  • Elias “Clean Slate” Murphy

  • Mario “Carne” Campaggio

  • Cillian “Mad Pipe” Mahoney

  • “Lead Pipe” Louie Lewandowski

  • Tim “the Crunch” DeVelvet

  • Paddy “Craic” McKenna

  • Rocco “The Beef Fairy” Melucci

  • Peter “Iron Hands” Arshinov

So congratulations to our 10 finalists, who will receive an email containing the Paradox Interactive Collection Steam codes within the next couple of days! The jury will now continue their deliberations and the winner who gets their submission used in the game will be announced within one week of this post.