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Cosplay Contest Winners!

Announcements / Jun 17, 2021

Well, looks like we have ourselves some winners! We announced the Empire of Sin Cosplay Contest back in April, and we received many fantastic entries! We emphasised the idea of a casual cosplay, one that you could pull items out of your closet to achieve, and we received those entries of the sort and beyond! We were blown away by the dedication of some of the Cosplayers, and we take our hats off to you.

It was tough, but we managed to narrow it down to 10 of our favourites. From those 10, to comply with local law, we randomly picked 6 winners.
Thank you for participating, and a round of applause to:

  • Antonie van der Kooij
  • Coral Lyn Moore
  • Matt Peebles
  • Matthew Young
  • Michael Walsh
  • Stuart Clarke*

The judges were dazzled and amazed at all the entries received; in fact, we’ll be posting all 10 of our favourites next week, so keep your eyes peeled, crew!

*Stuart, if you’re reading this, please contact us again! Your email got garbled when you sent your entry, and we need to contact you to receive your prize.

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